How to Book the Cheapest Multiple Destination Flights in Australia

Flights in Australia are not as cheap as Europe. I mean of course they can be if you book well in advance or get bargain flights on sale. For our most recent European getaway to Madrid, we paid around £100 each for return flights from London. Believe it or not this is actually considered expensive though prices vary depending on the season, popularity of the destination, how far ahead you book and how flexible you are with the day and time of the week you travel.

So let’s compare to our recent flight booking within Australia. After two and a half years living in London, my partner and I move back to Australia in November and that means visiting our families living in different states. There are no direct flights to Rockhampton from Melbourne so it is quite the journey! I forgot how big Australia is. Also there are only two airlines that fly into Rockhampton (Virgin and Qantas) so options are limited.


How much are the return flights you ask? Over $800! But it IS for four flights (Melbourne to Brisbane to Rockhampton to Brisbane to Melbourne) which is actually not too bad. And that’s the price for both of us. Which makes me wonder, is it that the flights are expensive or that you just have to take a few flights to get to where you’re going? Regardless, here are my tips on how to book the cheapest multiple destination flights in Australia:

  • Do an initial search on the Webjet website to suss out the cheapest flight options
  • Investigate the prices on airline websites to compare against Webjet
  • Use a private web browser to ensure there is no cookie collection and sudden price increase!
  • Book via Webjet or one airline instead of separate airlines to avoid two sets of booking fees
  • Get yourself on the mailing list for sales, particularly for your most frequent route

Other benefits of using Webjet include:

  • Quick search function to find the cheapest flight options
  • They purchase seats in bulk so can be cheaper than what airlines are offering
  • Prices are locked in for 30 minutes during the booking process
  • Be the first to know about Webjet sales by agreeing to join their mailing list
  • Avoid two sets of fees when booking multiple flights with different airlines
  • You still get your frequent flyer points with the airlines
  • Convenience of booking flights, accommodation and car hire in the one place

Webjet is also Australian operated. I tend to use Webjet in Australia and Skyscanner in the UK out of habit due to local brand awareness despite both now offering similar services across borders. Which just means if you genuinely want to save money, it gives you another option when shopping around. And if you’re like me and don’t enjoy shopping (yes, even holiday shopping online), Webjet cuts down the time you have to spend researching and booking on multiple sites. So when you want to book the cheapest multiple destination flights in Australia, give it a try!

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July 2017