Postsnap Review: Instant Postcards

If you’re like me, you’ve probably bought lots of postcards on your travels and only ever posted a few of them. Maybe it’s even crossed your mind that they’d look good in frames hanging on your walls. Me too.

Truth is, unless you post them straight away, chances are slim that the postcard is going to make it to your intended destination. I know that the postcard I sent from Lapland where the REAL Santa lives made it to my niece in Australia! But only because I wrote and posted it on the spot.

Postsnap does exactly that. In a short few minutes you can:

  1. select the kind of card e.g. Postcard, Greeting Card
  2. choose your photo or photos
  3. add any effects, borders and text
  4. enter the address
  5. pay using either credit/debit card or Paypal

And you’re done! Postsnap is an App you can easily download onto your phone from the App store (click here for the link) and use straight away. You can even log in using Facebook if you want instead of registering from scratch.

I’ve tried and tested the App and it’s easy to use. It even connects to your Facebook and Instagram photos if you want to use a photo from there instead of what’s available on the photo library on your phone. I had some issues connecting to my Facebook photos though if you experience this too, you can always save the photo from Facebook onto your phone then upload from there. You can of course also take a photo when you have the App open, or simply select ‘use last photo taken’.

Here’s an example of using a photo from my phone and adding effects and text:


Here’s an example of using more than one photo from my phone to create a collage:


You can change the font type, size, colour and location on the image to whatever and wherever you like. The effects are simple and limited though you can always adjust the photo using other editing Apps if you need to. Once you’re happy with the finished product, you get a final chance to review and approve your card for printing.


If you’re sending postcards regularly to the same address, you can set them up in your Postsnap address book. Easy! Otherwise you just need to enter their address into the relevant fields. Postcards are posted immediately. For greeting cards you will need to set up a delivery date. Here’s a finished product received in Australia:

Payment is easy too and as I mentioned earlier, you’ve got several options. To make it even easier, I’ve got a discount code for you just in time for Christmas! It’s ‘HOFFTOEXPLORE’ and it will give you 20% off your first card. You could also use the code ‘E05226’ for £2 free prepay credit as a new customer. To give you an idea of costs in GBP, it’s:

  • £1.99 standard postcard
  • £2.49 large postcard
  • £3.49 greeting card

There’s announcement cards and invitations too and prices can vary depending on the number purchased. For more information visit their website

Happy Postsnapping!

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