Big Aussie Kids in Legoland, Windsor UK

Legoland – where everything is perfectly pixelated

If you’ve got your big kid on, you will have a LOT of fun at Legoland. There are rides, a maze, donuts, pirate ships, dragons, a castle and random Lego animals, people and scenes scattered around the theme park. The best of all is the Lego mini land where you will walk around with your jaw hanging wide open.

Ten tips for your visit to Legoland in Windsor:

1. Go on a warm sunny day… there are water rides that would be much more enjoyable in the sun. Our visit in early March 2016 on an overcast day meant frozen feet (yes, even in shoes and socks) and shivering, exacerbated by the water spray you are covered in by the time you exit the ride

legoland ride and maze.jpg

2. Watch out for the people operating the water guns from their safe and dry position on the ride sidelines

3. Get those nasty people back and have a go at the water guns yourself… in fact get your friends together in a line with a water gun each for guaranteed success (just like us)

4. If you’re an adult (otherwise known as big kid) and seeking some sort of thrill, make sure you line up for the ‘Dragon’ ride instead of the ‘Dragon’s Apprentice’

legoland castle

5. Sit in the front of the 4 person cart in Laser Raiders, it’s a ride and game in one where you earn points by shooting targets. Being front row makes for a clearer shot at the lights to win (we will win next time)

legoland laser raiders.jpg

6. Spend time absorbing the creativity, time and engineering that resulted in Lego mini land – see my Vlog for the changing guards at the Palace… Lego style!

legoland miniland.jpg

7. Papa Mole’s donut and icecream shop is a winner, well at least the mini donuts! Again another bonus of going in summer would be to actually want an ice cream!

8. Take the time to visit the town of Windsor including the castle and magnificent pub called Two Brewers in which we saw at least 10 different dogs during lunch (yes, you can bring your dog to the pub in England!)

two brewers.jpg

9. If you catch the train from London to Slough and there are a few of you, a one way journey from Slough train station to Legoland costs about 11 pounds in an Uber and a grand total of 15 minutes versus a 70 minute journey by bus!

10. Make friends with a Merlin employee, because thanks to ours, we got to visit Legoland for free the weekend before it opened to the public!

I’ve put together a Vlog of the day for you here, just imagine the experience with sunshine!