Living in London 90 Days On

It’s been another 90 days since my last blog about London – Second Time Living in London First 90 Days And we still love it.

Places we’ve been since then:

We are well and truly settled into life in North London, and getting the hang of our jobs. While we were lucky with the temperature still being up around 17 degrees celsius until a few weeks ago, it is now freezing cold (dipping in and out of negative) and we have started to experience the slippery slide of melted snow underneath our shoes! Now just need to feel the snow as it floats down and touches your skin. Not long to go! It’s going to be a cold winter…

Other cool stuff we’ve been up to in the last 90 days:

  • Riding rollercoasters at Thorpe Park

    saw ride thorpe park

    Saw ride

  • Drinking with my ex colleagues from the bank – they are great fun!
  • Eating the original brindisa chorizo sandwich (or two!) at Borough marketborough market
  • Meeting all the weird and wonderful animals at Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo!
  • Lapping up the autumn colours at Hampstead Heath and visiting the ring-tailed lemurs who embrace the sun with open paws and meditation stance
  • Devouring the most delicious roast and scones ever at the Pembroke Lodge at Richmond Park before reindeer spottingrichmond park
  • Walking along Regent’s Canal and discovering Little Veniceamy winehouse regents canal
  • Watching the very talented Half Moon Run perform at Koko in Camden
  • Checking out the new Be at One in Camden only 1.5 weeks into its existence! Lovely bartenders and cocktails as per usual
  • Attending awards and quiz nights with work colleagues thanks to the start of the silly season!


  • Drinking cocktails from a milk bottle at the amazing Cahoots which is an underground 40s bar that used to be Kingly Court station, after admiring the beautiful Carnaby Christmas lights!carnaby christmas lights
  • Having friends over for dinner and chatting the night away over a few bottles of wine
  • Gazing at the dinosaur remains in the Natural History Museum – some of which were found in Australia

    natural history museum

    Natural History Museum

  • Imagining all the large and impressive Egyptian and Greek statues in the British Museum coming to life at night!
  • Exploring Winter Wonderland my old friend – still as magical as ever! Even got a free hug! London does Christmas so well!free hugs winter wonderland

The not so fun stuff of course is paying bills, regular post-it notes from one of your three house mates, bursting your personal space bubble on the tube, forever topping up your oyster card, not easily being able to source and purchase vegemite, converting everything to Australian dollars in your head, being so far away from beloved family and friends, missing out on big events like weddings and birthdays, no sunlight before and after work during winter and pebbly beaches. BUT! It is so close to Europe and other destinations in the world and one day we will need to stay still for at least a little while. So here we are, making the most of it.

Who knows what the next 90 days will bring?

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