Ted the Dog Has a Sleepover in London

My name is Ted. I’m a cockapoo.

I’m 21 years old (3 in human years) and I still live at home with Mum. I spend a lot of time with Mum, sometimes I even go to work with her.

Mum thinks I’m really clever, and has taught me lots of tricks. I can shake your hand with my left or right paw (depending on which one you ask me for), do a 360 degree turn in either direction, lay down, roll over, speak, collect my toys and put them away in a basket and I’m learning more all the time.

Mum says I’m going to be a movie star, but I need to get used to being around other people. To help, she set up a profile for me on borrowmydoggy.com

I met some potential new ‘borrowers’ but I wasn’t sure about them. Mum wanted me to be happy so we kept looking. An Australian couple who live nearby came over to meet me one weekend and I knew straight away that I liked them. I couldn’t hide my excitement and bounded over to say hello! They told Mum and I that they wished they could have a dog themselves but need to wait until they stop travelling so much and settle down.

Mum and I showed them all the tricks I can do. And most importantly, the treats I like when I get the tricks right. I just LOVE cheese and hot dogs. Not REAL dogs like me. Hot dog sausage meat, chopped into small bits. They threw my toys for me while talking to Mum and we all agreed to set up a time for Mum and I to come and see where they live.

The following weekend, Mum and I walked over to my potential new borrowers’ house. The door opened and I ran past them to immediately sniff around every room before settling on the couch next to Mum. We agreed that we loved the Australian couple, their house, house mates and large grassy back yard for fresh air, exercise and bathroom visits.

A week later, Mum packed a bag for my first ever sleepover! This included my blanket, a towel if ever my feet got wet, slip slip (slipper), ball, kong toy, poo bags, lead and most importantly, treats. Mum walked me over to my borrowers’ house and I was greeted with open arms, smiles and silly, high pitched baby talk. But they now had possession of the treats. Mum had even packed an extra special treat – chicken.

They opened the chicken container and I couldn’t help but focus on whatever I needed to do to get a piece! After a few pieces I realised Mum was gone! But I was still happy to ‘speak’ when asked and hand over my paw for yet another piece of chicken.

ned.jpgWe had the typical sleepover – movie and cuddles on the couch until bedtime. Lucky Mum reminded them to fill my kong toy with treats at 9pm! I’d forgotten all about it! They’d already laid out my blanket on the end of their bed so I guessed that’s where I was sleeping for the night. When the lights were out and it was time to go to sleep, I felt sad and missed my Mum. I tried not to let them know but they heard me cry a few times before inviting me to sleep between them instead of at the end of the bed.

In the morning it felt like forever before they woke up! I was sitting up at the end of the bed, waiting for them to open their eyes. Finally! Once they were ready, I was lucky enough to get a few more treats before they walked me home to Mum’s place. I was so excited to see her! And she was so excited to see me. But I’m looking forward to my next sleepover!

Note: my name has been changed for the purposes of this blog to protect my identity.