Australian travel blogger with a mixed travel style and love for animals

Care For Wild

Hi! I’m Jodie, an Australian travel blogger that loves to explore and share travel stories and tips. I have a mixed travel style, enjoying beaches, mountains and even city getaways. 44 countries and counting!
Why ‘Hoff’? Well, it’s part of my last name and that’s it really! No connections to the famous Baywatch star… but I do love the beach!
Hoff to Explore started in 2015 after moving to London and wanting a few big adventures before finding a job. As a couple we did an Intrepid Travel tour in Morocco and continued onto the South of France on our own. Morocco was my first ever blog and still one of our favourite travel memories. It’s hard to beat sleeping underneath the stars in the Sahara Desert. How could I not share that experience with others?
Having lived in the UK for three and a half years, I also have tips to share with expats in the Expat Life section. With London as a base we took the opportunity to travel around Europe and the UK and places like Turkey, Russia and Egypt while much closer than Australia. You can read about these and more in the Destinations section.
Animals often feature in my travel stories. From volunteering at a rhino sanctuary in South Africa to taking Ned the dog on holiday in England and more recently swimming with whale sharks in Tanzania, put simply – animals make me happy. You can find these stories in the Animals section.
And finally if you just need a few tips before your next holiday, there is a Travel Tips and Video section just for you. If you have a flick through you’ll find something useful for your next adventure.
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