Sunglasses Review: GlassesShop

I don’t think I’ve ever owned an expensive pair of sunglasses. Maybe a pair of Oakley’s back in the day. Oh and those prescription sunglasses I needed when I played tennis and had to give in to the fact that I could no longer see the ball without them! Instead I save as many pennies as I can for my adventures. Especially when I do silly things like accidentally snap off the arms of the sunglasses or leave them behind! The two pairs I currently own are the £8 pair from Dorothy Perkins and the polarised UV pair from GlassesShop for an extra £20. Still cheap but worth it for the extra protection. Especially in the Greek Islands during summer! They’re also better quality and the black coating hasn’t worn away like the other pair.

Just like every other shopping experience these days, you can order glasses online with GlassesShop. It’s tough though, sunnies can look good on a stand or in a photo but may not suit you at all. I have a certain style now that I know suits me and I tend to stick to that. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try a completely different style, I say still go for it online if you’re prepared to go through the return policy.

I bet you didn’t think to check the frame measurements before your purchase. I certainly didn’t. Even with GlassesShop I chose the style and went straight to the shopping cart before realising I could select glasses based on their lens, bridge and temple length measurements. Which explains why my current pair feel slightly too wide for my face and as if they might fall off during one of my adventures like quad-biking across Santorini. Once you know your style AND your measurements, you’ll find it even easier to buy online with confidence.

Since my tennis days I’ve had laser eye surgery and no longer need prescription sunglasses, but if you need them and know your prescription, you can include this in your order too. From my experience in the past with ordering contact lenses online, make sure you have the right prescription or you could cause yourself discomfort or unnecessary changes to your prescription.

If you want to give GlassesShop a try, use coupon code GSHOT50 for 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses (sale frames excluded).

August 2017

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