A Dog’s Life in London

As an expat, we’re often willing to talk about ourselves and our experience living overseas. But have you ever thought about it from a dog’s point of view? I don’t have my own dog (at the moment), but if I was an expat dog from Australia, here’s what I would tell you about my life in London:

  1. I can go to the pub with my best friends (including humans!)
  2. I’m often welcomed into cafes with a bowl of water, warm pat and sometimes even a special doggy treat
  3. I can join my owner on public transport instead of them travelling alone
  4. I’m allowed off my lead in parks as long as my owner picks up my special deliveries
  5. There are more pet-friendly accommodation options in the UK so I can go on holidays too!
  6. I spend a lot more time with other dogs in parks instead of in the backyard at home
  7. When Mum and/or Dad are busy I have other best friends from BorrowMyDoggy take me out for an hour, day or sometimes even a sleepover
  8. I have a fuller wardrobe in London with its four seasons
  9. I get to chase squirrels and foxes instead of the same old smelly neighbourhood cat
  10. I walk a LOT… actually my human besties walk MUCH more in London than in Australia

Sounds like I prefer to live in London doesn’t it? Wellll, I LOVE being included in more of my favourite humans’ lives in London… but! I really miss the Australian sun, frolics on the beach and getting my face outside the car window to feel the wind in my hair and smell ALL the things!  Actually I think that’s the Aussie expat HUMAN speaking!

Drawing by Hazawarry


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