Nozstock: Festival on a Farm

You know that feeling when you’re at a festival and suddenly feel like you’re too old for it anymore? But you’re torn because you love music, the opportunity to socialise with your friends and explore what a festival has to offer? Then Nozstock may just be the festival for you.

Hidden away in Herefordshire, Nozstock is literally a festival on a farm. It’s small (around 5000 people) with enough to explore to not get bored and enough people to meet without the long toilet and drink queues. There’s all sorts of entertainment on offer from flamingo dancers to tipis to climb to show-like games where you can throw things at targets. There’s even a massage tent! And mother nature herself put on some rainbow entertainment for us the evening we arrived.


It was our second year at Nozstock and for me it was comforting to know where the toilets were, the quiet place to camp and the kind of food on offer. I was looking forward to exploring this little piece of English countryside again and time out of London, while my other half was planning which music acts to see.

Festival highlights at Nozstock for me were:

  1. Arriving to a downpour of rain (because you have to laugh) and trudging through the mud in our gumboots
  2. Celebratory drink inside our dry tents after setting them up in the rain
  3. Relaxing in our camping chairs by the tents with snacks and drinks (yes you can BYO)
  4. Forty minute massage (£20) at the Yeleni massage tent, a charity with the purpose to support people with chronic illness
  5. Exploring the festival site including the new Elephant’s Graveyard stage and the weird and wonderful artwork
  6. Getting a chance this year to see some music inside the Cabinet of Lost Secrets after having to give the statue like man at the entrance a group hug
  7. Rediscovering the Coppice stage late at night full of neon butterflies and techno beats
  8. Climbing to the top of the wooden tipi (set on fire on the final evening) and being spared by the children with water pistols by answering “yes” to the question “do you come in peace?”
  9. Having a good ol’ laugh at the stand up comedy inside the Laughing Stock tent
  10. Dancing like a complete lunatic to Krafty Kuts, watching Steve Strong in awe from a sofa and reliving some oldie but goodie hip hop songs thanks to the Sugarhill Gang

It was also good to see that just like Mad Cool Festival in Madrid earlier in July 2017, Nozstock Festival aims to be eco friendly with their reusable cups. You could even ask for a new one at the bar in exchange for your current reusable cup if it was getting a bit, well, farm-like.

Thank you again Noz for inviting us to play on your farm! And for reminding me that I’m not too old for festivals just yet.

Our festival tickets were complimentary.