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Hi I’m Jodie! A 30 something Australian travel blogger that loves to explore the world and share travel stories and tips. I caught the travel bug in 2006 and since 2015 have been sharing my love for travel on Hoff to Explore. 41 countries and counting!

Why ‘Hoff’? Well, it’s part of my last name and that’s it really! No connections to the famous Baywatch star…

Having lived in the UK for 3.5 years, I have tips to share with fellow expats in the ‘Expat Life‘ section and lots of stories and tips from our travel around Europe and the UK. That being said, between these more local travels, I also travelled to Morocco, Turkey, Russia, Egypt, Cambodia, Vietnam and South Africa (twice!) You can read about these in the ‘Destinations‘ section of my website. Once we’re settled back into life in Australia I plan to explore more of my own backyard. Not literally of course! You know what I mean.

So what’s my travel style? Well I almost always travel with my partner and we like to explore slightly off the beaten track away from other tourists for a more local experience. I say ‘slightly’ because we still like to experience the must-see attractions, just not at times they are overcrowded with tourists. Favourite destinations? Morocco because nothing beats sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert and eating home-cooked tagine and bread at a local family home. South Africa because volunteering at a rhino sanctuary has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

As you might have guessed, I am a self-confessed animal lover so they often feature in my travel stories. We’ve even taken Ned the dog on a weekend holiday in England! You can read about Ned and the other animals I’ve met on my travels in the ‘Animals‘ section of my blog. My love for animals led me to a love for our environment and I now make every effort to reduce my impact on this beautiful world I love to explore. You should too.

And finally if you just need a few tips before your next holiday, I have a ‘Travel Tips‘ section just for you. I’m sure if you have a flick through you’ll find something useful for your next holiday.

Upcoming trips:

  • Australia (November 2017)


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