Global Aussie traveller with a sense of adventure and love for animals

Hi I’m Jodie! I’m a 30 something Australian travel writer that loves adventure, animals and local experiences. Why ‘Hoff’? Well, it’s part of my last name and that’s it really! No connections to the famous Baywatch star…

I currently live in London with my partner and we take the opportunity to travel around the UK and Europe while they’re next door. My favourite travel style though as you might have guessed is adventure travel off the beaten track. Somewhere I can experience and learn about the REAL country and people (and animals!) with a little bit of adventure.

Upcoming trips: 

  • Cinque Terre, Italy (June)
  • Madrid, Spain (July)
  • Greece (August)
  • Austria (September)
  • Interrail Europe adventure TBC (October)


FB / Twitter / Instagram / Google + @hofftoexplore

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